torsdag, desember 08, 2005

Tanker om lederskap

Jeg har gjort meg tanker om lederskap ved kjøkkenbenken. (Oppdatering. Kona: - Kjøkkenbenken?) Basert på studier i kristen etikk og egne erfaringer. Denne posten traff meg hjemme:

House Church Chronicles: Programs vs. Prevenience - Part 4:
"In running the church (or the house church), I seize the initiative. I take charge. I take responsibility for motivation and recruitment, for showing the way, for getting things started. If I don't, things drift. I am aware of the tendency to apathy, the human susceptibility to indolence, and I use my leadership to counter it. (Isn't that what we have been taught that leadership is? If it isn't this, what is it?)

By contrast, the cure of souls (he means here the true work of a pastor or leader of a church as an organism) is a cultivated awareness that God has already seized the initiative. The traditional doctrine defining this truth is prevenience: God everywhere and always seizing the initiative. He gets thing going. He had and continues to have the first word. Prevenience is the conviction that God has been working diligently, redemptively, and strategically before I appeared on the scene, before I was aware there was something here for me to do."

(Vet du ikke hva Prevenience betyr? Langt nede i høyrespalten finner du mulighet til oppslag i leksikon.)

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