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Emergent church: En analyse

Alan Roxburgh
Foto: MLI
Missional Leadership Institute - Newsletter September 2004 har en glimrende analyse av fenomenet emergent church skrevet av Alan Roxburgh. Et utdrag (linken over gir hele artikkelen):
Indeed, in some ways the notion of emergence suggests not a growing out of but moving away from. Some feel that the shifts required are so massive that existing systems cannot make the adjustments. There is, amidst all the wonderful creatively and experimentation, some level of moving away from and outside the church systems that were normative through the 20th century. This is seen in the numbers of experiments that are independent and unaffiliated with any recognized church systems. Some of it is seen in a growing resistance to the forms of theological education and leadership training that has characterized church life to this point.
The critiques of extractionist, abstractionist and banking system education models cannot be taken lightly as a passing fad of youth but represent a serious set of issues these younger leaders present. These are not people who are against serious intellectual and theological engagement, they just feel that too much of it takes place outside of and apart from the local and particular realities of the changed contexts in which they are struggling to make sense of the Gospel. There is, in the EC, a serious desire to discover new forms of training and education that will take seriously the local contexts and particular realities of the lived environments of their generations.
Emergence can imply something that is emerging out of already existing systems, but the emphasis among many of those in this broad network suggests a different direction. There is a belief that many of the systems of the immediate past have little capacity to innovate new forms and, therefore, new directions need to be found.

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