onsdag, august 17, 2005

FAQ for husmenigheter

Husmenighet i Sveits
Foto: Reinhold Scharnowski
FAQ - House2House: Husmenighetsnettverket House2House i USA, har laget en FAQ for husmenigheter. Dette er en beskrivelse av husmenigheter som er veldig nært opp til de verdier jeg ønsker vår husmenighet skal stå for. Utrolig bra lesning - bruk linken ovenfor. FAQ-en besvarer disse spørsmålene:
• What is a house church?
• How do I start a house church?
• Is house church an effective way of reaching my community?
• Does a house church need a leader or pastor?
• What do you do with the kids?
• What do you do when you meet together?
• How do you handle ceremonial events?
• Aren't house churches the same as cell churches?
• Is there a leadership structure that connects all house churches?
• Should all the churches in an area be meeting in a large group regularly?
• How big should a house church get before it multiplies?
• How do we multiply our house church?
• How should we handle giving in a house church?
• How do house churches deal with the issue of being under authority?
• How are the leaders of house churches held accountable?
• Is authority that big of an issue (with denominations it certainly is)?

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